Our Mission

Through duty, pride, and honor, we strive to provide a service to help those in need. As we vow to do no harm, to comfort the sick and injured, and to care for the loved ones of others, it is our duty to provide the best patient care possible to those who require assistance in every way capable. We take pride in our service and in ourselves as we are committed to excellence. With honor, we serve you, our patients, our customers, our friends.


10 Reasons to Choose Stat

• Our customer service and patient care is second to none
• We're available 24/7
• Our commitment to safety
• We are a local organization
• We are an actual service provider, not a broker
• All employees are certified to national registry standards
• Our level of experience

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What Clients are Saying

"How could I possibly even thank you correctly for your loving care of James. Your staff is simply among the finest young men and ladies I've ever come in contact with. Always on time, always cheerful, kind, helpful, patient, caring, and gave him the same treatment I expect they give their relatives and friends..."