Stat Ambulance Service LLC provides basic and advanced life support transportation services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have proudly served the Greater Charleston Area and beyond since 2010.

Mission Statement:

Stat Ambulance Service was built on, and continues to grow based on three important principals:


Through duty, pride, and honor, we strive to provide a service to help those in need. As we vow to do no harm, to comfort the sick and injured, and to care for the loved ones of others, it is our duty to provide the best patient care possible to those who require assistance in every way capable. We take pride in our service and in ourselves as we are committed to excellence. With honor, we serve you, our patients, our customers, our friends.

Vision Statement:

To grow Stat Ambulance Service in a manner that is consistent with quality care and service.  To achieve acceptance through professionalism and good ethics.  To always place the needs of our patients and staff above all else.